About Us

In recent years targeted yields have rarely been obtained. The uncertainty in achieving the anticipated yield is particularly conspicuous in the field of agriculture or crop production. The reason behind this is that the application of simple NPK fertilizers with or without organic manure to the soil for ensuring good crops is a matter of the past. Even appropriate correcting or ameliorating measures against salinity or acidity and good irrigation are found to be ineffective and failure of such practices are becoming more and more apparent.
The problem as indicated above has reached alarming proportions in some areas mainly due to deficiency of certain elements which are known as micronutrients and are needed in small amounts by plants.

Born of Micro Chemicals India:

Micro Chemicals India was set up in 1985 to explore the emerging world of micronutrients. This was a pioneering venture for Eastern India.
Indian agriculture was largely ignorant of nutrients beyond NPK. Few farmers were aware that small quantities of micronutrients could dramatically increase production, while reducing a much higher amount of applied NPK. Micronutrients could thus save money and protect the ecology while increasing crop yield and quality.
The challenge lay at both ends:
1. To develop a range of single and multiple micronutrients that would be effective over a cross section of crops and soils.
2. To educate farmers to invest in nutrients other than chemical NPK. R&D in the laboratory had to be followed up with endless field trials, and then regular farmer meetings.
3. Once the formulations are finalized, strict quality control was necessary to that manufacture was without fault. This was critical for a new product concept.

Present scenario:

Today ‘Plantaid’ is a dominant brand trusted by a large and growing population of farmers. The concept of micronutrients has spread widely and our range of products has grown with demand, with single micronutrient, combination micronutrient and soil conditioners. In the process the team has also gained the trust of forests and governmental agricultural and horticultural departments. The MCI team commands markets throughout the Eastern & North Eastern states plus UP, Odisha, Bihar and Jharkhand.


“MCI: More yield More Happiness” Micro Chemicals India has a strong research focus with sophisticated laboratories, large field trial facilities as well as modern manufacturing facilities manned by experienced teams and backed by a heavy-duty marketing network.

The basic corporate focus is on:
1. Uncompromising quality control
2. Dedicated marketing support
3. Continuing product development.
4. Be with the farmers with newer nutrient and farm management technologies.